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Tell me if this sounds like you

  • You find it difficult to see how things could ever be better.
  • You have crap in your past that you just can't let go of and it seems to control you.
  • You've done everything right (according to family traditions, religion, etc.) but nothing is working out.
  • Even basic adulting feels so impossible and overwhelming.
  • You feel like your emotions are suffocating your dreams.

The experiences and events that have happened in your life have made you question "what is wrong with me". You have constant anxiety, bouts of depression, self loathing, and unhealthy habits. You constantly feel like you really never fit in. Sometimes you feel shut down after you have worked through the pain or you simply have just moved on, but it keeps showing up and you're just sick and tired of re-living it all over again.


Hi There!

I’m Terri. I’m a mother of two amazing sons, and grandmother to Mara, Everett, and Della. My husband and I have been married for 38 years. For over 40 years I was in a lifelong search to find answers to the questions of “why” and “what is wrong with me”. I used to think that I was not worth the effort to be happy and live the life I wanted. I was stuck in my childhood story – and I was so sick of it! At my lowest point I felt totally empty and hopeless. The way I dealt with it was shutting myself down into a state of numbness. I existed only for my family and work. I was in survival mode and my inner pleading was that I did not want to be on this earth on day larger than I had to.  I was that miserable!   That was until…..I learned why I couldn't move forward. I was in a holding pattern from emotions I didn't understand and could not move away from. The pain I felt from my childhood became my story. My story was that I was damaged, and my rotten awful childhood was the reason I couldn't achieve my dreams. Today, I no longer have recall to those stories. The stories are gone. And I've been able to replace those stories by realizing that I do have value.  And I learned how to take control of my own destiny. My greatest passion now is helping others free themselves from old negative stories by discovering, clarifying, and aligning themselves with what they really want. I am an intuitive life coach. Which means I use my training and life experiences along with spiritual intuition to help people move from point A to point B. Let’s put a stop to the barriers that are blocking you from what you want. I will teach you how to do this, and show you how to achieve the desires of your heart.

my story


“Working with Terri has beenthe most rewarding experience that I’ve ever had!  The tools andstrategies I’ve learned from her have been life changing.  Couldn’t askfor a better coach!  Simply the best!”

Janet n.

"Terri is an absolutely amazing person, and life coach. She was so good at listening to what I needed, and very in tune with how I was feeling. She understands people on a very deep, almost spiritual level. I gained so much understanding and confidence working with her. She has a really great way of explaining things and helping me understand my own feelings. When you are going through a hard or transformational time it can be really hard to get a hold of your feelings and thoughts. Terri helped me recognize what those thoughts and feelings are and how to manage them. She was so great at helping me set goals that made me push myself without being overwhelming. Terri will be your biggest cheerleader! I always felt like a queen when I was talking with her.  Terri is not only a great life coach but a wonderful friend. I know that no matter how life goes, I have made a lifelong friend." 


"Terri is amazing! She has an understanding that is profound. She knows what it is to experience pain, and to walk through the healing process. When you work with her, she doesn’t try to fix things for you. She helps you walk through the stages of coming to wholeness and acts as a gentle yet powerful guide. I have worked with her, and I refer her all the time. I refer anyone who is dealing with blocks, past trauma, or other emotional pain that they don’t know what todo with. I am a mental health nurse and a business coach and I see these things all the time. I am so thankful for the work she does!"


The Divinity that is You...

Is a process of self discovery, healing, and becoming. I will teach you solutions and strategies that you can practice as you take the steering wheel in your life. You will have the ability to control your mind and tell it what to do and where you want it to go.

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You Might Wonder...

You might wonder if this is worth your time and money to hire a coach like me. Maybe you think you can do this on your own. However, if you want to move at a faster pace, I believe you will want to start now by clicking the link for your first breakthrough. I will help you navigate through challenges and STOP self induced problems that are preventing you from achieving what you want.

You Will See...

You will see new points of view that will give you the ability to move from a narrow point of view to a much broader view. You will be able to focus on what is most important and scratch distractions that are costing you. You will learn and practice how to create results. You will be able to decrease self sabotage bycatching and course correcting it so you don't keep bouncing back to where you started.  


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